Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub Review

Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub Review

It is always good to have a hot tub in your home for soothing soaks with their bubbling jets, hot water, and reclining seats for friends. Great for parties, couples, or solitude. Hot tubs soothe sore muscles, provide a place of relaxation, and improve circulation by warming the body and dilating the blood vessels.

If your house didn’t come with a hot tub, you will find it considerably expensive to buy and install. You will require an electrician and a great deal of maintenance. Hot tubs can even cause mold damage in case of poor ventilation. It is also impossible to take your hot tub with you when on the move.

Did you know that there is a way round that? Today, you can enjoy something amazing known as an inflatable hot tub. Coleman, a brand synonymous with outdoor fun makes a great one known as the Coleman Lay-Z hot tub, which is going to be reviewed here.

The Coleman Lay-Z Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Coleman might be a brand that usually comes to mind when you need camping accessories such as stoves and lanterns. However, from now on, you may want to think about the brand when you need a hot tub for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the Coleman Lay-Z hot tub. Here is a detailed look at the hot tub and why you may want to get yourself one.


The Coleman Lay-Z hot tub is quite popular for its medical benefits. It helps relieve arthritis pain, headaches, and helps you recover quickly from joint and muscle injuries. However, for most people, it is all about the soothing relaxation you can enjoy after a vigorous workout or a stressful day at the office.

Here are some amazing features to help with that:

Rapid Heating System

The Coleman Lay-Z hot tub holds 254 gallons or 963 liters of water at 80 percent capacity, enough for holding 6 average-sized adults. Heating such a large volume of water usually takes time but the Lay-Z is not just a simple container of water. It can heat the water up by 1 to 2 degrees each hour, which means that it will take just 24 to 30 hours to heat the water enough for you to use. However, you can always make it faster by filling it up with warm water using an indoor faucet.

Lay-Z Massage System

It is always wonderful to lie back lazily in a tub full of hot water. However, the Coleman Lay-Z offers more than that. It has air jets that produce the soothing bubbles that make you feel relaxed, which is similar to the kind of pampering you get in a spa after paying a lot. With this hot tub, you can enjoy it right in the comfort of your home.

Cushioned Air Pad Floor

At the bottom of the Coleman Lay-Z, is a separate air pad floor that provides insulation. It ensures that the water doesn’t get cold as a result of the contact of the tub with the ground. The great thing about the air pad is that it makes it very comfortable to sit on the tub’s floor. You don’t require additional cushions to increase your comfort level.

Sturdy I-Beam Construction

The Coleman Lay-Z holds a large volume of water, which creates the need for strong construction. Lay-Z is quite strong. It features an exterior made of 2 PVC layers and a core made of polyester mesh. The I-beam construction also prevents the bending or buckling of the walls. The wall sides are even strong enough to hold your weight while sitting.

Digital Control Panel

The digital control panel sits right by your side when you are in the tub, which means that you never have to get out of the relaxing hot water to change any setting. The digital control panel allows you to set the bubbles and temperature. Whether you want bubbles, really hot water, or somewhat warm water, you can easily set it up with the control panel.

Integrated Water Filtration

Keeping water clean in an inflatable pool is always an issue, and you cannot always rely on the lid that prevents debris from getting in. The Coleman Lay-Z has a filtration system that works well enough. The filters remove the dirt, which means that you will essentially be sitting in reusable water. You can have reserve filters so that you can wash the dirty filter in the dishwasher or sink.
Why is the Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub So Great?

What separates the Coleman Lay-Z hot tub from the rest of the inflatable hot tubs in the market? Here is a closer examination of the benefits it offers.

1. Affordability

In the past, hot tubs used to be playthings for the rich and famous. However, things have changed and the technological advances have made it possible to make such products using high-quality materials at prices that regular people can afford such as the Coleman Lay-Z, which costs several hundred dollars.

2. Ease of Installation

With all the amazing features the Coleman Lay-Z hot tub has, you would assume that it requires a lot of skill to set it up. However, this is not the case. It comes with a helpful DVD that clearly demonstrates how to do it. Setting it up takes about 30 minutes.

3. Simple Controls

Nobody wants a convoluted control system since it is all about relaxation. The Coleman Lay-Z hot tub features a control panel that is easy to understand. Just set it to your desired temperature and you can activate the massage system if you so wish. If you would like to change the settings while already in the water, you can use the control panel without getting out of the tub.

4. Easy Maintenance

You don’t have to do much to ensure that your Coleman Lay-Z hot tub stays in good condition. The DVD that comes with the hot tub also shows the maintenance requirements, so make sure that you watch it.

5. Low Noise

Relaxation is what you are after and it is best achieved if the tub operates silently, which it does for the most part. The Coleman Lay-Z produces a low hum when it is just the circulator and heater running. However, it can be a bit noisier when the air pump is running to produce the bubbles. It might sound like a regular vacuum cleaner, but it is something you will eventually get used to.

Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub: The Good

The Coleman Lay-Z hot tub offers great value for money. It provides a soothing dip in heated water while eliminating the problems usually associated with it. It is an unusually affordable product, easy to set up, maintain, and use, and is durable enough to last for a while.

If it gets damaged, you can easily patch it up by applying a heavy-duty patch, or you can get a replacement by using the warranty. The Coleman Lay-Z makes getting replacements incredibly easy. All you have to do is call them up and then send the serial number that you cut off from your hot tub.

The Coleman Lay-Z is simply amazing to enjoy after a long hard day at the office. It is incredibly comfortable and provides a completely relaxing feeling. Having a dip in the hot tub with your partner is like the ideal date. The rest, such as wine, candles, and music will be up to you.

Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub: The Bad

The drawbacks are not just limited to the Coleman Lay-Z but all hot tubs in general. It can be a bit complicated to adjust the water, and set up can take time with regards to heating the water. It is also important to pay close attention to where you put it. When completely filled up with water, it reaches a weight of over 2,000 pounds.

Who is the Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub For?

– People that want a hot tub that’s easy to set up and use

– People that want some amazing extras included in the price

– People who want one of the best-value hot tubs in the market

– People that want a sturdy and dependable hot tub

– People that don’t wish to spend too much on a hot tub
Who is the Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub Not For?

– People that want a portable hot tub in a color different from the Lay Z’s green

– People looking for a more powerful hydrotherapy experience than the Lay-Z is able to provide

– People that want a more luxurious inflatable hot tub


The Coleman Lay-Z Hot Tub is truly an amazing and no-nonsense product. It is easy to set-up and use even for those that have never owned such a product before. It offers great value for money and comes from a trustworthy and reputable brand. It is a budget model with lots of extras that are definitely recommended. The fact that the Coleman Lay-Z is a best seller throughout the world makes it worth trying out.

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